Science, Technology and Governance in Europe – the STAGE project

STAGE was an eight country thematic network, funded by the European Commission under its Fifth Framework Programme, whose aims were to develop and refine a heuristic model of science and technology governance in Europe. Its approach has been one of iteration between, on the one hand, conceptual overview and synthesis, taking account of work under FP4, wherever possible parallel work under FP5 and the wider literature, and, on the other, 29 analytic case studies, based on existing research, of how policy cultures confront the governance of particular technologies, particularly in relation to wider public engagement.

Through this process, and the refining of our conceptual framework, we aimed to:

During the thirty-nine months of the network’s life we have:

Our final report presents our typology of scientific governance, our main findings from our case and country studies, our conclusions for the understanding of scientific governance in general and for the development of public engagement in particular, ten lessons for policy and practice, and some thoughts on the future agenda for research. An executive summary provides an outline narrative of our work.

SPSG Archive

This site also acts as the Archive for SPSG (the Science Policy Support Group), a UK non-profit company which developed and managed a range of programmes on science and technology policy between 1986 and 2003, covering such topics as public understanding of science, relations between defence and civil uses of science and technology, and academic-industry relations.