As part of our Patras Workshop, 29-31 May 2003, we had a seminar on Science and Technology Governance in Greece. The presentations are available for download here:

1. A.Athanassiadou, PhD: Human New Genetics

Download as PDF (230k)

2. Iosif Botetzagias, PhD: A brief outline of the characteristics and development of the Greek ENGOs

Download as PDF (380k)

3. Dimitris B. Kalamaras: Mapping ICTs through newspaper articles in Greece

Download as PDF (820k)

4. George Metakides: European Research Programs, Challenges & Policy

Download as PDF (1.8MB)

5. George Neofotistos: Innovation Markets and Networks

Download as PDF (250k)

6. Costas Sofoulis: Environmental Policies and Environmental Politics in Greece

Download as PDF (75k)