CREDIT-METDAC Workshop with the Aspen Institute, Berlin

Civil-Military Technological Integration in Europe:
Current Practice and Future Prospects, 27-28 May 1999

Aspen Institute Berlin, Inselstrasse 10, D-14129 Berlin


CREDIT is a European network of researchers which worked together on issues of defence technology management since 1991. Our chief activity between 1998 and 2000 was work under thematic network funding from the European Commission on Managing European Technology: Defence and Competitiveness Issues (METDAC). The first phase of that work - reported at a workshop in Budapest in October 1998 - put European defence RTD into context and comprised an overview of the principal issues involved, a number of country studies and a review of the availability of published data contributing to the analysis of change. A number of discussion papers from that work are published on the network's website and those country studies which are not yet published are available from authors.

The Berlin workshop reported on the second phase of METDAC work which focused on Civil-Military Integration in Europe. The papers e presented analysed current practice and future prospects against the background of military and industrial links with the United States, and developing relations with Central and Eastern Europe.

The workshop was the first planned activity of CREDIT's User Forum. The forum is intended to be the main mechanism for policymakers and practitioners in government and industry to learn about the network's results and to contribute to setting its future research targets.

Workshop programme, 27-28 May 1999

Note: each of the half hour presentation slots in the programme break down as 20 minutes for presentation, and ten minutes for questions and discussion specific to each paper. The scheduled general discussion sessions are intended to allow broader points to be developed.

Thursday 27 May

1200 - 1300 Registration
1300 - 1400 Lunch
1400 - 1415 Welcome and introduction to the CREDIT-METDAC Programme:
Phil Gummett and Peter Healey
1415 - 1430 Setting the scene 1:
European Defence RTD in Context: Phil Gummett and Andrew James
1430 - 1500 Setting the scene 2:
Key questions for the study of European RTD:
Jordi Molas-Gallart
1500 - 1530 Discussion
1530 - 1600 Coffee
1600 - 1615 Introduction to Work Package 2 - Civil-Military Technological Integration in Europe:
Claude Serfati
1615 - 1645 The United States Dual-Use Policy in Context: Judith Reppy
1645 - 1715 Discussion
1715 - 1745 The Evolution of Defence Technology Policy Networks in the UK:
Phil Gummett
1745 - 1815 Civil-Military Integration in the Defence Industry Supply Chain: Andrew James
1815 - 1845 Civil-Military Integration and the Restructuring of the French Defence Industry:
Claude Serfati
1845 - 1915 Discussion
2030 - 2230 Drinks and dinner: central Berlin restaurant to be designated

Friday 28 May

0900 - 0930 Defence Standards and the Reform of Defence Procurement: Jordi Molas-Gallart
0930 - 1000 From Vampire to Griffin:
Swedish-British military(-industry) cooperation in the European setting:
Björn Hagelin
1000 - 1030 Building the Dutch Navy and International Naval Cooperation: Wim Smit
1030 - 1045 Questions and discussion
1045 - 1100 coffee
1100 - 1130 Perspectives from Central and Eastern Europe:
The Defence Sector in a Changing International and National Context
Russia- Ksenia Gonchar
Hungary - Judit Kiss
1130 - 1145 Discussion
1145 - 1215 European-US Relations:
US Tapping of Foreign Science and Technology for Military Purposes: Björn Hagelin
1215 - 1245 European-US Relations:
What prospects for a Transatlantic Defence Industry?
Post-merger strategies of the leading US defence aerospace companies
and the European response:
Andrew James
1245 - 1315 Discussion
1315 - 1330 Last word: some issues for the future Phil Gummett
1330 - 1430 Lunch and departure