The ESRC Research Programme EUROCON

ran between 1993 and 1999. Its aims were to contribute to a greater understanding of the relationship between the UK and wider European research systems which are key to the setting of public policy on the contribution of R&D; to wealth creation, and to the assessment of its effectiveness. These objectives reflected public policy concerns, and consequently the research requirements developed after an extended period of discussion with UK users and European academics as to possibilities and priorities.

As the result of the assessment of a first set of exploratory projects in 1993/94, the Programme set specific targets which were to improve understanding of:

  • the interaction between the science base and European regulation

  • human resource and labour market issues in European science and technology

  • establishing a more robust base for the evaluation of European collaboration and networking in science and technology

Each of these issues was seen as an aspect of a wider challenge to better understand the management of knowledge sources and expertise for innovation in Europe.

ESRC Database Regard 2000 carries details of the Programme's outputs

Available on this site in Word 7.0 format, is the final programme publication:

This presents a synthesis of the principal findings from 25 projects grouped under these four themes. The volume also includes the publications arising from the programme as at February 2000 and current contact details for lead researchers.

Summaries of the findings of individual projects can also found here.