Contributions to the ISSC Workshop

14-15 March 2002
Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften
Jägerstr. 22-23,10117 Berlin


  1. On the road to a mode II/ knowledge society? Problems and Challenges
    Gotthard Bechmann - Rainer Hohlfeld - Michael Rader

  2. Knowledge Societies
    Nico Stehr

  3. Mode II? A collection (transcription of her contribution)
    Sheila Jasanoff

  4. Problems of Quality Assurance of Problem-Oriented Research
    Armin Grunwald

  5. Beyond evaluative bibliometrics?
    Peter Healey - Harry Rothman

  6. Indicators of Science, Technology and Innovation as social indicators
    Andoni Ibarra - Rafael Rengifo

  7. What foundation for research evaluation? The case of French social scientists
    Phillippe Jeannin

  8. Social Science Research Impact – Mapping and Measurement
    John Rigby

  9. Complex knowledge production – issues of impact evaluation
    Stefan Kuhlmann

  10. Conditions for the application and performance of supra-disciplinary research projects
    Philipp Balsiger

  11. Assessing the non-academic impact of grant-funded socio-economic research
    results from a pilot-study
    Jordi Molas-Gallart

  12. Extended peer review
    Silvio Funtowicz

  13. Final discussion (transcription)